How It Works

BREEDSmart Partners Rewards Program — A family of dedicated breeders. 

As a member of BREEDSmart Partners, you not only understand the power of premium nutrition, but of loyalty too. And now we want to show you how much we appreciate that loyalty—by making some exciting changes to our rewards program.

Now you can:

  • Send us your UPC-Proof of Purchase Seals. These will transition into PawPoints.
  • Earn PawPoints that can be redeemed for free vouchers for Eukanuba dog food products.
  • Earn PawPoints for every new puppy referral.
  • Earn 25 PawPoints for every customer you enroll in our EUKANUBA PLUS
    email program through the Eukanuba puppy kit. 

FREE puppy kits

By feeding your litter Eukanuba products, you're giving your pups the best head start with our highest quality nutrition. And because you're a member of our loyalty program, you're eligible to receive up to 25 FREE puppy kits every year—which makes it even easier to ensure your puppies continue that great start in their new homes.

Eukanuba Puppy kits include:

  • Valuable coupons from Eukanuba and our retailer partners 
  • Sign-up instructions for EUKANUBA PLUS (You get 25 PawPoints for every customer you sign up; your customer gets expert advice on puppy parenting and special offers on Eukanuba puppy food) 
  • A custom folder format for storing paperwork
  • A breeder personalization card with your unique offer code number
  • A health and vaccination chart for tracking important medical information 
  • A notes section for breeder feeding instructions 
  • Tips for bringing home a new puppy