Discover Superior Genetic Health with New Optimal Selection™

The pioneering team at Mars Veterinary has launched a new test for breeders under the Optimal Selection™ brand, powered by Genoscoper®. This new offering was developed in partnership with Genoscoper Laboratories® of Finland to provide the most comprehensive test of its kind for clients in the U.S. and Europe.

The new
Optimal Selection™ test includes:

  • Screening for more than 100 genetic mutations known to cause inherited diseases
  • Several trait mutations for coat color, coat type and morphology
  • Genetic diversity profiles on individual dogs and their breeds, which research suggests is important for long-term health of breeds

The Optimal Selection™ test is now available to breeders in the U.S. via the Mars Veterinary web site. For more detailed test information or to purchase, visit
or contact Mars Veterinary Customer Service at 888-597-3883, or

Give your puppies our best so they can reach their full potential. Visit the website below for more information: